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An 82-year-old bodybuilder grandmother graves a thief of 29 with a table


Willie Murphy is 82 years old, although it remains impressive. The secret is that this woman has practiced bodybuilding throughout her life, which allows her to stay in a very agile state, despite her age. That sport carried out for many years has now allowed him to face a hard problem.
As LadBible collects, last Tuesday, November 19, Willie was quietly at his home in the state of New York. That was when, around 11 p.m., a thief entered his home with the intention of stealing it. However, he didn't know who he was going to have to face.
The thief was 29 years old and measured a woman who barely exceeds 1.50 tall and weighs only 47 kilos, so he thought the dam would be easy. But nothing is further from reality: Willie is able to lift weights of more than 100 kilos, so he was not going to allow them to steal it ... and less in his own house.
He left by ambulance
The caco entered the old woman's house and asked for help saying that he was ill. She didn't believe him, but he ignored her and broke into the house. He did not know what was coming: the woman, despite his 82 years, took a wooden table and broke it to the thief on top, then hit him with a broom and ended up filling him with shampoo. Then I call the police.
Willie has become famous in her community: the neighbors congratulate her and her gym mates ask her for selfies
Despite the beating he had given her, and just in case the poo was recovering, Willie Murphy tore the metal legs off the table and also shook them with them: I'm alone and I'm old, but guess what? I'm tough . He chose the wrong house to enter. And so much: the thief could not get up from the ground until the arrival of the agents.
Willie Murphy has become famous since then: her neighbors congratulate her on the street and her gym partners ask her to take selfies. Five years ago, in 2014, she won the first prize in her category at the World Federation of Bodybuilding World Championship, but it has been now when she has become known to knock a thief 50 years younger than her.

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