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Balloon dive at a height of around 7100 meters


Vorarlberg paraglider Mike Küng set a new world record on Tuesday with a "head over" jump from a hot air balloon at Tiroler Achensee. He jumped straight out of the balloon basket from a height of 7100 meters. The 51-year-old gained fame through actions such as crossing the English Channel by paraglider in 2003.
Küng dared to jump at a temperature of minus 25 degrees. Paragliding flights from a hot air balloon are often carried out using D-Bags. This means that the jumper hangs on a sack below the balloon basket.
"The special thing about the" Head Over "jump is the particularly intense jump and free-fall feeling that you don't experience in this form with the D-Bag," said Küng. In addition, the "head over" jump is technically a bigger challenge.
After crossing the English Channel, Küng caused another sensation in 2005 with a jump from the Europabrücke. In 2011, however, the paraglider had to abandon the attempt to set a world altitude record on Mount Everest due to poor weather conditions.

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