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He finds his cat after five years disappeared and almost 2,000 km away

A cat that disappeared five years ago in Portland, Oregon, has just been found in Santa Fe, New Mexico, both in the United States. The pet, named Sasha, had traveled 1,931 kilometers, it is not yet known how, but finally he has already been able to meet his owner.


Peru: Man arrested with 20 tropical birds in a suitcase

At the airport in the Peruvian capital Lima, a man was caught during a check who wanted to smuggle 20 living tropical birds into Europe in his suitcase. The Belgian, who wanted to fly to Madrid, was arrested on Monday, the country's wildlife agency said on Wednesday (local time).


Desperate groom faked kidnapping

Desperation may have driven a man from Colombia to do this: In order not to have to marry, the 55-year-old faked his kidnapping and thus triggered a major police operation. Now he is under investigation.The family of his future bride informed the police after the 55-year-old was allegedly abducted by..


Photo shoot ends for girls (17) in the hospital

A photo shoot for a 17-year-old from Argentina came to a fatal end: Lara Sanson from Tucuman just wanted to take some nice pictures with her friend's German Shepherd. But the four-legged friend should have been startled - and bit the teenager's face.
Lara's girlfriend had taken a series of photos before the bite, in which the girl cuddles "Kenai" with a German shepherd. The pictures show how she stretches her face to the snout of the four-legged friend. But suddenly "Kenai" snaps shut.

An 82-year-old bodybuilder grandmother graves a thief of 29 with a table

Willie Murphy is 82 years old, although it remains impressive. The secret is that this woman has practiced bodybuilding throughout her life, which allows her to stay in a very agile state, despite her age. That sport carried out for many years has now allowed him to face a hard problem.


World News


He proposes to solve his divorce trial with a sword duel

Divorces, especially if the parties disagree, can lead to a complex and unpleasant lawsuit. Dividing assets or monitoring who remains under the care of children is always an unpleasant situation, which, ultimately, the judge must decide with the verdict.


Minister becomes father and takes parental leave

A minister has children and announces that he will take paternity leave for two weeks. In Austria and many other western countries, this would be a report under. But in Japan, Environment Minister Shinjiro Koizumi caused a sensation with his announcement after the birth of his son.


Sad: Smallest agile man in the world - died

The 2010 Guinness Book of Records initially declared Thapa Magar the smallest living male teenager. He later received the title of "smallest man in the world". Only 27-year-old Junrey Balawing from the Philippines is currently even smaller - he holds the Guinness record in the category "smallest non-agile..


You are no longer 'weirder than a green dog': that puppy is really born

Shana Stamey is the owner of Gipsy, a white German shepherd who gave birth to a litter of tiny puppies last Friday. The delivery was as planned after the appearance of the first three animals, but the surprise jumped with the fourth. He was not white like his mother or black like any of his brothers: he was green.

The world's largest snowman is made here

The world's largest snowman is made at the valley station of the Riesneralm ski area in Styria. On February 1, it is said to be 40 meters high, surpassing the previous record (37.21 meters in the USA in 2008). Project manager Gerhard Peer is satisfied with the progress: "The substructure is already finished, it is 25 meters high and has a diameter of 32 meters."


Balloon dive at a height of around 7100 meters

Vorarlberg paraglider Mike Küng set a new world record on Tuesday with a "head over" jump from a hot air balloon at Tiroler Achensee. He jumped straight out of the balloon basket from a height of 7100 meters. The 51-year-old gained fame through actions such as crossing the English Channel by paraglider in 2003.

Massive waves including foam invasion in Spain

Videos that were recorded in Mallorca now show how violent the storm "Gloria" is currently raging on the Spanish mainland and the Balearic Islands. In Cala Ratjada, water cascades fell from gigantic waves onto buildings and streets, and the port of Portocolom in the east of the island was hit hard by the storm surges. The storm has already killed several people, around 200,000 are without electricity.


Turn your car into a pool and stop them for reckless driving

The Internet is that box of surprises where absolutely everything can be found. But social networks are also the place where the weirdest challenges and craziest ideas get millions of people to see from anywhere in the world. And the one spent in Australia is one of the most bizarre to remember.
It all started a few months ago when Michael Alexander Phillippou, one of Australia's most famous youtubers, had an idea: turn a car into a pool and ride it on a conventional road.

Time trial race in Wuhan to build a hospital in 10 days

On the outskirts of Wuhan, the construction of a thousand-bed hospital resembles a race against the clock, with its hundreds of workers, its wheel of excavators and ... its thermometers to detect viral pneumonia.

You have to work fast, to fight the epidemic, "says a worker of about 30 years of age, who prefers not to give his name. 


Viral News


Three-year-old child prodigy has an IQ of 142

According to international media reports, a three-year-old has been accepted as one of the youngest British members in the highly gifted canteen. The small Muhammad Haryz Nadzim had in an official test an intelligence quotient (IQ) of 142. He thus has a higher IQ than 98 percent of the British population. The boy from Durham in north-east England had already spoken his first words at the age of seven months. At two years old he read bedtime stories and memorized them, it was said.


In the middle of parliament: ÖVP MP counts money

ÖVP MP Peter Haubner caused a bizarre scene on Wednesday when he counted a bundle of banknotes during a session in parliament. TV cameras happened to be filming the strange action of the Salzburg resident, Twitter users posted the recordings on the Internet a short time later. There the clip caused a lot of laughter and speculation about which banknotes Haubner counted and why he had such a large amount of cash with him.


'Flex challenge', the viral challenge that only a privileged few can do

It consists of lying on your stomach and being able to get up without using your hands at any time

Jax Kranitz is a 22-year-old girl who studies at the University of Iowa, in the United States. She is a gymnast and at the beginning of this year she uploaded a video for her more than 100,000 Instagram followers: she lay on the floor on her back and, without helping her hands at any time, managed to stand up. 


The priest was suspended when he realized after 2 weeks of marriage that he had married a man

A priest from uganda has been suspended from his duties as an imam after it was revealed he had married a man without knowing it.

Sheikh mohammed mutumba, 24, was recently suspended from his duties as an imam at kyampisi masjid noor mosque in kayunga after his wife, whom he had been married for two weeks, was caught stealing tv from a neighbor. 

Swimmer crawls under the ice of the Antarctic

A 50-year-old British man succeeded in creating a world sensation on Monday: the man was the first person to swim in a river under the Antarctic ice sheet. The endurance swimmer was only dressed in swimming trunks, swimming cap and swimming goggles.


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