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'Flex challenge', the viral challenge that only a privileged few can do


It consists of lying on your stomach and being able to get up without using your hands at any time
Jax Kranitz is a 22-year-old girl who studies at the University of Iowa, in the United States. She is a gymnast and at the beginning of this year she uploaded a video for her more than 100,000 Instagram followers: she lay on the floor on her back and, without helping her hands at any time, managed to stand up.
Jax accompanied his post with this message: New flexibility challenge? It was the first to launch the 'Flex Challenge' and, since then, there have been many people who have tried to complete this difficult challenge, but few have succeeded.
Because getting up while standing upside down and without using your hands is complicated, very complicated. So much that only a few privileged have achieved it, mostly young women and with enormous flexibility, as can be seen in the videos that have uploaded to social networks.
Too much flexibility
Watching Jax's video, it is proven that the trick of this challenge is in the movement of the legs: you have to be able to place them in a 180-degree position to pass them from back to front and then sit down. After getting the most complicated of the challenge, you just have to get up with a small jump or bending your legs and gaining momentum.
Nelchonok, another young Russian with tens of thousands of followers on social networks, has also uploaded a video to her account in which she completes this challenge. But although most of the participants are women (and young people), we also found some videos of boys trying to complete the challenge with greater or lesser fortune.
The 'flex challenge' is reserved only for the privileged few, but there are many who are trying to complete it. Will it be the healthiest viral challenge of 2020? Undoubtedly, it seems much more interesting than the 'cereal challenge', in which one person fills his mouth with milk and cereals while another eats directly with a spoon from his mouth.

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