Funny: Worst cat in the world is looking for a home

An animal shelter from the US state of North Carolina wants to get rid of the "worst cat in the world". "Perdita" is now available for adoption. The animal shelter is apparently so desperate that in this case it even dispenses with the otherwise inconvenient fees for the cat.
Instead of praising the positive side of the four-legged friend, the animal shelter speaks bluntly in the fact sheet about the negative properties of the idiosyncratic house tiger. "Perdita" hates a lot, including "baby cats, dogs, children, the Dixie Chicks, Disney films, Christmas and last but not least ... hugs," it says. "She is single and ready to deal with a socially incompetent person who understands privacy issues in a socially incompetent way."
"When she lies in her bed and curls up, she looks cute and cute, but as soon as you try to stroke her, she strikes," animal welfare director Amber Lowery told The Charlotte Observer newspaper. "We first thought she was in pain and took her to the vet. He said, "No, this cat is just an ass."
The four-year-old cat ran to the facility on Christmas Eve. Since "Perdita" was launched, Lowery has advised every visitor to be careful: the cat's attempts to lure unsuspecting people to its cage are really a fake with an evil outcome.
More than 50 applicants want cats
Facebook users nevertheless liked the unusual adoption call: Perdita has already received thousands of likes. In fact, more than 50 applications for "Perdita" had already been received, the Tieheim later released with relief.

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