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He proposes to solve his divorce trial with a sword duel


Divorces, especially if the parties disagree, can lead to a complex and unpleasant lawsuit. Dividing assets or monitoring who remains under the care of children is always an unpleasant situation, which, ultimately, the judge must decide with the verdict.
David Ostrom, a 40-year-old man from Kansas (USA), does not really believe in such a course of action, and he, separated from his ex-wife Bridget, asked that his disagreements with the fact that until recently his women were resolved in the old way : in sword fighting trials.
In a letter to Judge Craig Dreismeier quoted by the LAD Bible, Ostrom argues that until now, litigation in a battle has never been expressly prohibited or restricted as a right in the United States and that it has been used in other countries, giving an example of a battle conducted in 1818 in the British court.
Let your lawyer fight
Ostrom commented that his ex-wife and his lawyer Matthew Hudson had already “legally destroyed him,” so he demands to fight on the “battlefield” and “break their souls.” Of course, he demanded that he be given twelve weeks to train and "fake a katana" in the traditional Japanese style, because, oddly enough, he has no experience in this type of struggle.
Until today, combat litigation has never been expressly prohibited or restricted as a right in the United States.
The applicant’s request is for lawyer Hudson to be the one who fights against him, although he does not mind if his former spouse wishes to choose another “champion” who defends her in the competition.
The ex-wife’s lawyer, who asked for a psychiatric examination at Ostrom, replied that a request for grief, if done, could be fatal, with much worse consequences than a regular trial. However, the judge has not yet decided on this issue.

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