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In the middle of parliament: ÖVP MP counts money


ÖVP MP Peter Haubner caused a bizarre scene on Wednesday when he counted a bundle of banknotes during a session in parliament. TV cameras happened to be filming the strange action of the Salzburg resident, Twitter users posted the recordings on the Internet a short time later. There the clip caused a lot of laughter and speculation about which banknotes Haubner counted and why he had such a large amount of cash with him.
According to the ÖVP parliamentary club, the action was harmless counting money for a farewell gift. On “Krone” request, admitted on Tuesday that the campaign looked “unfortunate”, but Haubner had only counted money for a long-standing service employee who was soon retiring. Overall, it is said to have been just 230 euros.
Nevertheless, there is a lively debate on the Internet about whether the bundle could even be 50 or 100 notes and what the total amount is, the Haubner, who is also the club's deputy representative of the ÖVP parliamentary club, on his MPs counted. Even National Council member Thomas Drozda (SPÖ) retweeted the video and asked the question whether it was "constitutionally secured cash".
In the course of the announcement of activities and the disclosure of income, Haubner stated in November 2019 that it would earn more than 10,000 euros a month in addition to its MP's salary. According to the commercial register, the long-standing member of the National Council is the general partner of "Haubner & Haubner KEG", a company for advertising and trade fair management in Salzburg.

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