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Photo shoot ends for girls (17) in the hospital


A photo shoot for a 17-year-old from Argentina came to a fatal end: Lara Sanson from Tucuman just wanted to take some nice pictures with her friend's German Shepherd. But the four-legged friend should have been startled - and bit the teenager's face.
Lara's girlfriend had taken a series of photos before the bite, in which the girl cuddles "Kenai" with a German shepherd. The pictures show how she stretches her face to the snout of the four-legged friend. But suddenly "Kenai" snaps shut.
"I don't know whether I touched his hip at the moment or whether he reacted because he was old or because I startled him," said the 17-year-old from the local newspaper "La Nacion".
Wounds sewn with 40 stitches
After the bite, the girl was immediately taken to the hospital. In a two-hour operation, Sanson's wounds had to be sewn with 40 stitches.
According to the teenager, however, the teenager was not in great pain. Neither as "Kenai" bit, nor when she was released from the hospital. Sanson said she only had problems eating and getting inflamed.

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