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Swimmer crawls under the ice of the Antarctic

A 50-year-old British man succeeded in creating a world sensation on Monday: the man was the first person to swim in a river under the Antarctic ice sheet. The endurance swimmer was only dressed in swimming trunks, swimming cap and swimming goggles.
Lewis Pugh dipped into the icy water to swim where no one had swam before: in a river under the Antarctic ice sheet. Pictures show him crawling through a magnificent light blue tunnel. The swimmer wore nothing but swimming trunks and a swimming cap.
“I was pretty relieved to see my team at the end. It's an environment that carries high risks, ”Pugh told the Daily Mail in the UK.
Pugh spent eight minutes in the cold water. With the record, the athlete wants to draw attention to the melting of the polar ice. Pugh said: “This is one of the most remote places on the planet. It is huge and beautiful. But we see meltwater everywhere. ”

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