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The priest was suspended when he realized after 2 weeks of marriage that he had married a man

A priest from uganda has been suspended from his duties as an imam after it was revealed he had married a man without knowing it.
Sheikh mohammed mutumba, 24, was recently suspended from his duties as an imam at kyampisi masjid noor mosque in kayunga after his wife, whom he had been married for two weeks, was caught stealing tv from a neighbor.
Mutumba knew nothing about his wife's real gender, and the news broke him down, oddity central reports. The church officials, however, removed him from duty to "preserve the integrity of his faith."
Mutumba and his "bride" got married at a traditional islamic rite last month. Photos taken at the event show the newlyweds smiling and surrounded by family and friends. Amisi kibunga, who works at the kyampisi masjid noor mosque, told the daily monitor that he and most of the people who met the bride's mother were deceived by her voice and behavior.
He had a sweet voice and spoke like a woman, "kibunga says, adding that he heard mutumba complained after four days of marriage that his" wife "did not want to be taken off while they were sleeping. When he was out, nabukeera always wore a hijab. Or a traditional gomesi dress, which did not arouse suspicion.He also performed all his usual duties, such as cooking, cleaning and doing laundry, so that mutumba did not suspect anything.
The truth came to light when the imam's "wife" tried to steal tv and clothes from neighbors. When police arrived on the scene, they searched her to see if she had hidden anything, and discovered that it was a man.
He later admitted that his real name was richard tumushabe and that he married sheikh mohammed mutumba in an attempt to steal his money. The investigation is still ongoing.
Mutumba met his "bride" through his aunt nuuru nabukeera, who lives in kituula village. He paid a dowry that included two goats, two sacks of sugar and the koran, among others.
The aunt was also arrested after the shocking revelation, but holds that she did not know that richard was a man because she only met him as a young adult when he was already dressing as a woman.
As for the imam, he has been suspended from duty at a mosque in kayunga, and has reportedly moved in with some relatives and is going to therapy sessions to endure a difficult period.

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