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The world's largest snowman is made here


The world's largest snowman is made at the valley station of the Riesneralm ski area in Styria. On February 1, it is said to be 40 meters high, surpassing the previous record (37.21 meters in the USA in 2008). Project manager Gerhard Peer is satisfied with the progress: "The substructure is already finished, it is 25 meters high and has a diameter of 32 meters."
The five-person crew is working on the record snowman for 40 days, with a total of 1200 working hours. “We are currently snowing continuously with two snow cannons and are therefore fully on schedule. Part one, the snowman's base, was completed a few days ago. Now construction is taking place in steps of a meter up to the planned record height, ”explains project manager Gerhard Peer.
The design for the figure comes from Josef Javorsky. An excavator is used to pile up the snow masses up to a height of 27 meters, after which the snow is transported even higher with a high-performance cutter.
At dizzy heights, the dizziness-free helpers should then continue to model hanging on ropes until the snowman gets his obligatory hat on at the end. This iron grid construction filled with snow measures six meters alone. Eyes, nose and mouth are made of polystyrene and fabric, and a 40 meter long scarf is planned.

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