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Turn your car into a pool and stop them for reckless driving


The Internet is that box of surprises where absolutely everything can be found. But social networks are also the place where the weirdest challenges and craziest ideas get millions of people to see from anywhere in the world. And the one spent in Australia is one of the most bizarre to remember.
It all started a few months ago when Michael Alexander Phillippou, one of Australia's most famous youtubers, had an idea: turn a car into a pool and ride it on a conventional road.
It took months to get the electrical circuits that the car had to pull out and install outside. After that, they did diving equipment so they could breathe underwater and, when everything was ready, they filled the car with water until it became a pool. It remains to be seen whether the invention worked or ended in failure.
Wheeled Pool
As Michael himself explains in a video posted on his social networking sites that amasses millions of views, the preparations took months, but it was worth it. When everything was ready, it started and they were able to get off the Australian road as they were being filmed from another vehicle following them and receiving the eyes of all crossing people.
Police Arrest Michael Charged with Riot, Driving without a License and Wearing a Safety Belt
Three passengers arrived at the gas station to buy a beer, as they were ironic that they were dehydrated from the heat, and ended their journey in a workshop without major complications. They achieved their goal and were applauded by the social networks for that matter ... though not all ended well.
As explained by Car and the driver, the video went viral in Australia in January 2019, but that's now that Michaela has been arrested by police, charged with reckless driving, driving without a driver's license, and not even wearing a seat belt, and facing him with penalties, that can take him two years in prison. Another example that it's not all worth getting some likes.

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