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You are no longer 'weirder than a green dog': that puppy is really born


Shana Stamey is the owner of Gipsy, a white German shepherd who gave birth to a litter of tiny puppies last Friday. The delivery was as planned after the appearance of the first three animals, but the surprise jumped with the fourth. He was not white like his mother or black like any of his brothers: he was green.
Shana's scare was considerable, although she finished caring for the dog, who still gave birth to four other puppies to complete a litter of eight children. Then everyone started to breastfeed with his mother, at which time the owner of the animals began to wonder why one of the puppies would have that color similar to lime.
Shana searched the Internet and discovered that it is not harmful to the dog. As veterinarian Suzanne Cianiciulli explains to the WBTV television network, color is a product of meconium, the first excrement of mammals. In the sack they are in when they are inside their mother, there may be meconium and that tends to stain them.
Will remove the color
Cianiciulli notes that light-haired puppies are especially prone to leave the mother's womb stained by meconium. Then their mother will lick them from top to bottom and, after a couple of baths by their owners, it is normal for them to lose the color with which they came to the world.
At the moment, the Stamey family is happy to have a green dog among them, although they plan to give it up for adoption in the near future like the rest of their brothers. They have called him Hulk, for the famous television character, with whom they assure that, in addition to color, he shares a voracious appetite.
It is not the first time we see a case like this: in 2017, a Golden Retriever had a litter of puppies among which a greenish one appeared, darker than the one that opens this news, but also very special. However, that precious dog was not born in the United States as Hulk, but in the highlands of Scotland.

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